Gibbs Cresent

We provided the full Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Plan



Date Started

 July '05

Date Completed

Feb '21
Landscape Architecture

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Mechanical & Electrical Design

A CIBSE TM59 thermal comfort assessment was carried out on the development, in order to allow us to analyse the risk of overheating within the dwellings. As there is a large, south orientated facade with a number of single aspect units or units with large areas of glazing, which are deemed to be at the highest risk of overheating, we had to devise a strategy which allowed us to mitigate the potential for overheating through the use of predominately passive measures whilst still allowing us to achieve our required CO2 reduction targets.


A split specification for the windows was proposed, with the south facing units benefitting from a lower g-value than the other, lower risk orientations, which allowed us to minimise the heat gain on the south facade whilst maximising the performance elsewhere. This approach, coupled with a mechanical ventilation system to offer regular air changes, allowed us to mitigate any overheating issues and comply with CIBSE TM59

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