Heathside & Leftbridge

We provided the full Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Plan



Date Started

 July '05

Date Completed

Feb '21
Green Buildings

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This project consists of Phases five and six which will provide 443 new homes whilst being designed to meet the challenging 35% in relation to the London Plan Policy. The development has incorporated Energy efficiency measures to minimise the development emissions which include improved fabric insulation, improved air tightness, high efficiency balanced whole house heat recovery units. This scheme was also designed to be served by CHP coupled with a Photovoltaic array installed across the blocks.


Waterstone Design was also commissioned to carry out the Thermal Comfort analysis on each phase to identify any potential risk of overheating in the residential dwellings. This was completed through the use of simulation software which enabled us to not only identify any risks, but also advise the client on how limit the overheating.

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