West King Street Renewal

We provided the full Mechanical and Electrical Building Services Plan



Date Started

 July '05

Date Completed

Feb '21
Green Buildings

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Situated in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Waterstone Design have been instructed to carry out SAP Calculations on the 204 new build apartments over 3 blocks as well the SBEM Calculations for the commercial aspect of the development which includes retail, Restaurant & cafés, a Cinema and Office space.


As with most new developments, the design of the energy aspect here was to meet the incoming SAP10 carbon targets set by the GLA – this was to futureproof the development. The scheme started out with a CHP design, however after correspondence with local authorities, the preferred route was to install a GSHP to meet the sites energy demands and optimise carbon emissions. Again, optimal building fabric standards were recommended along with the renewable technologies to coincide with the energy hierarchy – or the Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green principles. Although challenging, all parties involved in the design process convened to provide the client with a new sustainable approach to the energy demands of the development.

The Thermal Comfort analysis on each of the residential blocks was also carried out to identify any potential risk of overheating in the residential dwellings. This was completed through the use of simulation software which enabled us to not only identify any risks, but also advise the client on how limit the overheating.

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