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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Almost a third of #WSDTeam and almost half of our Mechanical Engineers are women, including Kat, who is our 2022 Mechanical Engineer of the Year.

The Route to 2022 Mechanical Engineer of the Year

“I had always enjoyed maths and science in school but was always undecided what career I wanted to pursue. One day, when rummaging through old books at home, I discovered my grandfather’s old engineering books and started to become intrigued by how what I was learning in school could be applied to real life situations and this discovery started me on my path to become an engineer.

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Glasgow and discovered that there were so many different applications within the mechanical discipline. For my final year project I decided I wanted to complete my project based on real life applications within an industry I did not have much experience on. I worked on my final project at the Computing and Infrastructure Research Centre at McMaster University, Canada developing an in-rack cooling unit for modular data centres. I learnt a lot there and as I learnt more about cooling and ventilation in a traditional data centre, it sparked an interest in discovering more on how building services apply to different buildings behind the scenes.

I have now been working as a building services engineer for 4.5 years and am still learning new things every day. I am working with an amazing team of engineers at WSD where we are valued for our capabilities based on what we achieve and not our gender.”

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