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Women in Construction Week 2022

Construction hasn't always been an industry with women at its forefront but, with the help of the National Association of Women in Construction, steady change is evident. This week plays an important role in that change, by providing a platform for global recognition of all the great initiatives and work of women within the industry and encouraging others to join them.

Waterstone Design value all of our staff and consider them not for their gender, but for their ability and achievements but we do take this time during this week to recognise our women and are proud in early 2022, to have them make up just shy of a third of our team in roles across every discipline of the business.

We are celebrating this week by acknowledging two women at either end of their careers, here's what they have to say about their journey's so far:

Abigail Hooks, Mechanical Intern

"I’ve always had a keen interest in maths and science, and so, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to pursue those in the form of mechanical engineering. I’ve always been interested in how things work, and I’ve always asked questions until I find out the answer. Engineering in general involves problem solving and pragmatic methodical thinking, which suits how I like to work.

I got into engineering at a relatively young age. I completed work experience in my early teens with Waterstone Design, my current firm, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, I’ve had a fervent passion for the field. As a result, I applied for an internship that was only meant to be for the short-term, however, I have extended my stay as I feel very welcome at the firm, and it is a company that I am proud to be a part of. My relationship with it has deepened my passion for the subject and will hopefully

remain there for the foreseeable future."

Helen Usher, Finance Director, Shareholder and Member of The Board

"My career began as a Legal Secretary within the Tax Department of a London Law Firm, the opportunity then arose in 2006 for me to work with Waterstone Design as the Office Manager, as well as taking control of the Administration and Finance duties during the early years of its inception. As the company has grown and developed over the years, so too has my role, leading me into predominantly finance aiding one of the Directors in taking control of the company’s cash flow and budgeting.

Waterstone Design have given me the opportunities and training required to fulfil my role as it has developed, which has empowered me to evolve as the company has needed me to. My advice and opinions have been highly regarded along my journey in the company’s steady expansion and I am made to feel held in a high regard throughout the company. I am looking forward to continue growing and learning as the industry dictates and as the needs of Waterstone Design require."

To read more about women in construction, check out our post we created to celebrate International Women's Day 2022

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