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As the sun descended upon a warm May evening, the air was thick with apprehension and competition as 6 brave teams prepared themselves for the challenges which lay ahead. A trial of knowledge, wisdom, and integrity awaited. The victors would bask in the revels of glory, and the losers would be ridiculed until belittled as they deserve to be.


Ryan's Angels, This is Not A Drill, Please Evacuate The Pub, Simple Minds, We Thought This Was Speed Dating, and Sugar Daddy Luke & The Hottie Snatchers were the teams destined for this merciless battle. The arena would be the first floor of the Queen Charlotte, Rochester, a battleground famed for being thick with the blood and sweat of the previous night.

5 rounds were to be played and each team had possession of a valuable joker card which could be played at the start of any round to double the points earned.


Round one began and Sugar Daddy Luke & The Hottie Snatchers played their joker instantly, a bold move for sure, but fortune often favours the bold. If not for this tactical play not much would have separated the teams after the first round but Sugar Daddy Luke & The Hottie Snatchers took their early lead. Could they hold it?

Ryan's Angels and Simple Minds propped up the bottom of the table as the contest progressed to the halfway point. Many of the Teams had played their joker cards but Please Evacuate The Pub had started to take a commanding lead. Simple Minds, Ryan's Angels were scraping by towards the bottom with Sugar Daddy Luke & The Hottie Snatchers, and We Thought This Was Speed Dating battling it out for second place. Still time for all to change. 2 Teams still had their jokers to play and the night was still young.

The penultimate round arrived and Please Evacuate The Pub had all but secured the win. We Thought This Was Speed Dating played their joker card at the mid-bottom of the table and Simple Minds hold on to theirs for the last round!

Just like that, it is all to play for... for second place and the last Champions League spot. We Thought This Was Speed Dating is now within striking distance of Sugar Daddy Luke & The Hottie Snatchers. Ryan's Angels and Simple Minds are fighting it out to try to avoid the dread and humiliation of coming in last, but Ryan's Angels are about to play their joker card, and, save a miraculous round, Please Evacuate The Pub would be going home with the bragging rights.


Then the dust settles and it’s all over. Despite a courageous fight, Simple Minds could not avoid finishing last. Sugar Daddy Luke & The Hottie Snatchers finish at the middle of the table and with a single point separating 2nd, 3rd and 4th, We Thought This Was Speed Dating secured second with a charismatic charge up the table but it was not enough. Please Evacuate The Pub took the lead early and never looked back, with a commanding yet suspense filled lead, Please Evacuate The Pub wins it!

WSD offers their congratulations to the victors and commiserations to the losers...... we are still awaiting the results of the enquiry into team allocations but are 50% confident that no foul play occurred.

The next Quiz will be coming to an arena near you in the coming months.

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